Topic Requests

I want to know what you all want to hear about. If you want to drop me a comment on here with a topic (Biblical question please), you can. I can’t always promise I’ll able to get to answer all of them, but Ill try! Let me know what questions or what topics you want to hear about!



  1. people are always asking me, “Why would God let bad things happen to good people?” I’d like a one liner, something concise and quick to give them, not a long sermon. but something that totally answers their question…you know? thoughts?

    • It’s funny you asked me about this. I’m actually reading a book right now that’s discussing this very topic. It’s called “The Case for Faith” by Lee Strobel. I’ll pull a quote from that.

      “God is wise enough to foresee that we need some pain for reasons which we may not understand but which he foresees as being necessary to some eventual good. Sometimes God allows suffering and deprives us of the lesser good of pleasure in order to help us toward the greater good of moral and spiritual education.”

      Sorry it’s not exactly one line, but I hope that will help.

      God bless!


      • that is good.

        …what about to a nonchristian. an athiest. someone who really doesn’t want God’s greater good or spiritual education. thoughts?

      • I’ll quote from “The Case For Faith” again.

        This is an atheist’s quote:

        “First, there is no reason that would justify God in permitting so much evil rather than a lot less; second, if God exists, then there must be such a reason; so, three, God does not exist.”

        His logic is a quite flawed from perspective.

        Here’s the response from the book:

        “That’s like saying it’s reasonable to believe in God if six Jews died in a Holocaust, but not seven. Or sixty thousand, but not sixty thousand and one. Or 5,999,999, but not six million. When you translate the general statement so much into particular examples it shows how absurd it is……

        At no point does suffering disprove the existence of God”

        God thoughts are far higher than ours. If we could understand everything He did, that would put us on an equal level with God. That would be scary.

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