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America: Obamacare

I’m going to write a different type of article than I usually do. I am going to write about my views on Obamacare, one of America’s hottest political topics right now. I believe Christians should not shy away from being involved in government affairs, but should be active while reflecting Christ. I’m not saying Christian should completely run government, I’m just simply saying that if you are a Christian, I think you have a duty to be educated and somewhat involved in your government. Not to mention it is our American duty to at the very least vote for our leaders.

First, let me say that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has already begun to negatively impact my family. I don’t want to get into that right now, but your prayers would be appreciated.

Now, let me say that the Affordable Care Act should have never been passed. The bill originated in the Senate, which makes it unconstitutional. The reason is that this was a spending bill. Those, according the our Constitution, have to originate in the House of Representatives. The Senate just simply categorized it as a separate type of bill.

Next, I would like to ask a question. If Obamacare is so great, why doesn’t congress want any part of it? Before the shutdown a couple of weeks ago, the House proposed 3 or 4 different resolutions to avoid the shutdown. One of those was that government would be fully funded, but an amendment would be made to the ACA. That amendment would take away the exemption for Congress. The Democrats in the Senate just threw it out. So, Congress passes a law, that they refuse to live by. Senator Ted Cruz from Texas led the charge to save America from Obamacare in the Senate. What’s supposed to happen is that Congress will pass a law AND live by that law whether it’s good or bad. Not in this case. We can not have that from our politicians.

At this point I’d like to focus the attention to the government shutdown that ended earlier this week. Before I start on this point, please keep in mind I’m not placing all blame on Democrats. Republicans were at fault too. However, President Obama and Democrats in the Senate took Republicans hostage during this shutdown.  Here’s some points for the government shutdown:

  • President Obama lied.
  • Democrats refused to negotiate.
  • President Obama lied again.

Let’s start at the negotiations, or lack thereof. From what I saw, the Republicans (particularly those in the House) tried to compromise. But Speaker Boehner and others was also trying to represent the American people. I usually don’t complement the Speaker because he has been to weak in the past, but he was tough over the last three weeks. I appreciate that. President Obama kept saying he was willing to negotiate and compromise with anyone, yet he told the Speaker that he would NOT negotiate with him. Basically it’s his way or the highway.

Now, Obama also said that we would default. Well, there’s a problem. Constitutionally, the United States is required to pay her debts. The only way that we would default is if the President told the Secretary of the Treasury to not pay our debts. That would be an impeachable offense.

I could start on how much of a wreck the Obamacare website is, but I’d rant for another thousand words.

Our federal government has lied to the People. The federal government has become way too invasive. When 2014 and 2016 comes around, the American people need to elect fiscally conservative politicians. Today, we broke the $17 Trillion mark on our national debt. It will just keep growing from this point. Here’s to hoping Congress works out a budget deal before the next “crisis” happens early in 2014. 

This post is open for discussion as long as you can keep yourself respectful. 


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