Hello! Well today is my birthday. I’m now 17 years old! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me! But that’s not what I want to talk about.


My brother’s band, Turnaround is playing in Kingsford Heights, IN this coming Saturday. This town is known for drugs, prostitution, etc. Satan really (thinks) he has a firm grip on this town. However, we are claiming Kingsford Heights for Christ! God has had his hand on this event since before the idea was even brought up. He has provided EVERYTHING miraculously! This week a Derecho hit the town and caused some damage. I believe it was an attack of the Enemy, but God can NOT be stopped! I’m excited to see what God does Saturday. All I know is that this event is going to be powerful! I would like to ask that you pray for the power of God to show up on Saturday. We’ll arrive early on Saturday and do some street ministry before the show. God is good and I can’t wait to see who he sets free this weekend!


God bless and please pray!



About Austin Coons

20 years old. Follower of Jesus Christ. Studying Pastoral Ministry at Moody Bible Institute.

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  1. Happy BIrthday! Mine was two days ago I am only 39 or 40 years past your age, but who is counting? My prayers go with you into battle. AMEN!!

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